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A varicose vein is a condition which affects a large number of people in Western countries and India especially, the northern areas. For curing this proper disease diagnosis, sufficient care for patient and treatment strategies are required, to control the symptoms and signs of varicose vein, the flavonoid group of drugs have been widely used for many years. Under this group, Daflon is the most potent and efficient drug which can be used. This enhances the bioavailability and absorption from the gastrointestinal area. Improved quality of patient's life and efficacy makes this drug therapy more potent and significant. Some of the clinical studies have shown its better action for increased venous tone, lymphatic drainage, decreases cosmetic disfigurement, inflammatory responses occur in microcirculation, protection from free radicals and improved quality of life and efficacy. When compared with other available drugs like Polidocanol, Sotradecol, Asclera, Varithena, Sodium tetradecyl sulfate etc. .clinical benefits of Daflon is more. This drug is useful in the early stage and can be used in severe condition along with sclerotherapy, compression treatment and surgery. Increased patient’s quality of life and increased efficacy were observed in Daflon treated group. Thus it is efficacious as a standard therapy alone and also in combination with other conservative treatment.


Varicose vein CEAP classification pathophysiology signs and symptoms risk factors management treatment

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Pranav N, Anila K N, & Riju.R.Menon. (2021). Short Review On Varicose Vein And Its Management. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 832-836.