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The purpose is to study the asthma symptom improvement and efficacy of formoterol (LABA) and Budesonide (ICS) combination in the asthma management in northern districts of Tamilnadu. It is a multicentric, non-comparative, questionnaire and random sampling study was conducted in 145 mild to severe asthmatic patients. They were in Formoterol plus budesonide combination inhalation drugs available in DPI and pMDI. Among the 145 asthmatic patients, 45 patients, 6 patients and 94 patients were in DPI, nebuliser and pMDI devices respectively. During drug initiation, The Asthmatics were in mild (27%), Moderate (57%) and Severe (16%) stages. After one year of follow-up, the number of patients in the mild is 84%, moderate 14% and severe 2%. Among 45 DPI Asthmatic patients, 29 patients, 15 patients and 1 patient have reported the handling the devices as easy, medium and hard respectively. On the other hand, 94 pMDI asthmatic patients, 38 patients, 48 patients and 8 patients have reported the handling of devices as easy, medium and hard respectively. The treatment resulted in 77 patients as good, 65 as satisfactory and 3 as same. After one year, all the 145 asthmatic patients adhered with the treatment and experienced symptom improvement with 53% patients as good, 45% patients as satisfactory and 2% patients as same. The treatment of formoterol and budesonide combination in the northern districts of Tamilnadu have effectively controlled the asthmatic symptoms and improved the quality of life in asthmatics. Moreover, the patient's adherence to the treatment is good in the northern parts of Tamilnadu.


Asthma Formoterol Budesonide pMDI DPI

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Mani Dhandayuthapani, Murugesh Shivashankar, & Uma K. (2021). A study on symptom improvement and efficacy of formoterol plus budesonide in the asthma management in northern parts of Tamil Nadu. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 742-748.