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Implant-supported prosthodontic rehabilitation of total edentulism remains the most complex restorative challenges. The main reason being the number of variables that affect both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the prosthesis. A hybrid denture or the ‘Toronto prosthesis’ is one that is fabricated over a metal framework and retained by screws threaded into implants. This article presents the fabrication of implant-retained maxillary Equator® attachment overdenture opposing mandibular implant-retained hybrid prosthesis. A total of four implants (Equinox® Myriad plus) were placed the maxillary arch and six implants (Equinox® Myriad plus) in the mandibular arch. The patient's occlusal vertical dimension, centric relation, aesthetics and phonetics were determined and maintained throughout the restorative process. This case report describes the management of a completely edentulous patient with a mandibular implant-supported fixed prosthesis and maxillary implant-retained overdenture with Equator® attachment.


Implant Prosthodontic Rehabilitation Overdenture Equator

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Marian Anand Bennis, & Deepak Nallaswamy V. (2021). Full mouth rehabilitation with maxillary equator® attachment over denture and mandibular hybrid denture - A case report. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 388-391.