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The present study was undertaken to standardize the vestibular stimulation applied through the usage of the rocking chair in elderly population. A total of 50 elderly male and female participants were part of the study after obtaining the written informed consent. Rocking chair used for the application of vestibular stimulation was specially designed for the study. The rocking chair specifically designed for this study was equipped with four different frequencies that is 15 cycles/ min, 30 cycles/min, 45 cycles/min and 60 cycles/min. As the selection of ideal speed is subjective, the participants were subjected to all the speeds. The speed was adjusted as per their comfort level and was scored on a likert scale. Other physiological parameters, like pulse rate and blood pressure, were measured. Pulse rate and blood pressure was decreased and remained within normal limits in step-2 in both male and female participants. Majority of the participants reported that they were comfortable in step-2 that is the frequency of 30 cycles/min and duration of 30 minutes. The study standardized the frequency and duration of vestibular stimulation through the rocking chair in the elderly for the first time. Further, detailed studies are recommended to support the beneficial effects of rocking at this particular frequency in the elderly population.


Elderly Rocking Vestibular stimulation

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Archana R, Sahayarani, & Vijayaraghavan R. (2021). Standardization of vestibular stimulation through rocking chair in elderly population. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 339-343.