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Averrhoa bilimbi is a fruit have high oxalic acid content. Excess intake of this fruit will cause acute kidney injury due to high oxalate concentration, and also increase creatinine. In case of high consumption, the only remedy is hemodialysis, but in lower consumption, the renal function will recover without specific treatment. Bilimbi contains 25.1% of oxalate, and its consumption carries a high risk of developing acute kidney injury by deposition of calcium oxalate crystals in renal tubules. The fruit plays an important role in nutrient profile like contain carbohydrates, fibers, proteins, vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, iron, flavonoids, tannins and terpenes. It also helps to reduce the weight loss due to the high amount of dietary fiber found in bilimbi, which helps to control body weight. Here a male patient who consumed bilimbi fruit per day approximately 30 – 40 and his creatinine level become elevated to 3. 49 mg/dl. With conservative treatment, the patient creatinine becomes normal within one week without dialysis. In some cases did not show oxalate crystals because of low urine excretion, here the patient had oliguria, and because of that, no oxalate crystals were found. Here the main parameter was creatinine, and during admission, the serum creatinine was 3. 49 mg/dl on the first day then 2. 97 mg/dl on the second day, 2.39 mg/dl on the third day and 1.19 mg/dl on forth day and from the fifth day to the seventh day the patient was serially monitored the serum creatinine. It was 1. 19 mg/dl.


Calcium oxalate crystals Acute interstitial nephritis Averrhoa bilimbi Serum creatinine Oliguria

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Sruthy C Prasad, Velayudhan K K, & Remya Reghu. (2021). Consumption of bilimbi cause acute kidney injury. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 653-655.