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In previous decade the herbal drugs have been investigated for their medicinal properties for the natural therapy. About half of the people around the world, even in the developed countries had been using the medicinal plants and natural drugs as treatment of diseases. In this regard the herbs should also be investigated for their pharmacological properties, safety concerns and efficacy too. In the present investigation, we have believed medicine and inhibiting potential effects of extract of C. auriculata was investigated for the hepatoprotective activity. This study facilitated to rediscover the new ancient medication for the treatment of liver diseases. The plant C.auriculata  showed very good activity in terms of the hepatoprotective nature against the liver injury by chornic use of drugs which is due to the anti-inflammatory properties added to the antioxidant activity of the herbs. These were to prevent the CCl4 induced free radicals and damage. The formation of cellular damage and free radicals was inhibited. The data that we procured from the investigation shows that the antioxidant activity of the plant in both extracts of plant helped for the activity. It may contain large amounts of the phenols and flavonoids that showed free radial scavenging activity which might be responsible for the hepatoprotective activity also. 


Antioxidant Cell Membrane Hematology Cassia Auriculata Ethyl Acetate

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Jenila Jose Jancy V, Kalaichelvan V, & Balakrishnan N. (2021). Hepatoprotective Activity of Cassia Auriculata against Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 594-601.