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Quercetin, rutin, silibinin three flavonoids are the major flavonols taken in diet. Among these, Quercetin has many benefit but it is poor soluble in water, unstable in gastric fluids which leads to lower therapeutic value and bio-availability. Hence to increase the therapeutic efficacy and bio-availability, quercetin loaded anionic polymeric nanoparticulate system have been developed using nanoprecipitation methods. Quercetin loaded Nanoparticulate systems were employed Characrization studies like size of particles, morphology, in–vitro drug releases and storage stability. This research result was revealed that a mean size of particle was 84.4 nanometer (nm) with Polydispersity Index was 0.268 and potential of 10.2 milli volt (mV), morphological studies shown formulated quercetin polymeric nanoparticles were sphere-shaped. The invitro drug releases studies shown >95% release of drugs within 45 mins. This novel approach of nanocomposite may promise a original system for the safeguard and release of a range of water hating chemicals to target specific tissues using specialized drug delivery.


Quercetin rutin silibinin nanoparticulate system bio-enhancers & EPO-NPs/QU

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Senthil Kumar C, Moorthi C, Sundararajan N, Sivasakthi R, & Mohan S. (2021). Formulation and Evaluation of Duo Flavono Loaded Anionic Polymeric Nanoparticulate System. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 553-561.