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Stem cells are special cells that attain an ability to become various type of cells, present in an embryo as well as in an adult. These cells are used to replace and regenerate new organs, tissues or even an entire organism due to their self-renewing, uni or pleuripotent properties. In Ayurvedic concept, the Dhatu are developing and nourishing in a sequential manner based on the Dhatu Parinama Nyaya (Law of Transportation and Transformation). Each Dhatu or bodily tissue is formed from either Ahaara Rasa or from the elements of previous Dhatu and gives rise to the formation of next Dhatu (Sookshma Dhatu). Hence, Sookshma (minute) Dhatu or Stem cells in a particular Dhatu can be comparable to stem cells because their ability to generate the different tissues. The aim of this article is to provide an awareness about the stem cells or Sookshma Dhatu in the light of concept of Dhatu Parinama Nyaya.


Dhatu Parinama Nyaya Stem cells Sookshma Dhatu Sthoola Dhatu

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Sreelekshmi G, Navoday Raju N R, & Raole Vaidehi. (2021). Study of Rasayana Chikitsa through Dhatu Parinaama Nyaya W.S.R. to Stem Cells. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 462-465.