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Drug therapy problems are significant for the pharmaceutical care practitioner. The evaluation of drug therapy problems is the target of the assessment and shows the major decisions made in that step of the patient care process. Although drug therapy problem evaluation is technically part of the assessment procedure, it performs the very particular input made by pharmaceutical care practitioners.  The prospective observational study was conducted at the Cardiology department with 450 hypertension patient based on Inclusion and exclusion criteria. The data collection form was administered after getting the Consent form. The data were analyzed by using SPSS software. A total of 450 HTN patients were included in the study & only 402 patients of them enrolled in the study as per the inclusion & Exclusion criteria stated in the protocol. In this study, 452 Interventions were performed & documented for both drug therapy 35.84% (n=162) & health education 64.15% (n=290). These interventions were equally distributed among the patients. Drug therapy-related intervention was solved amid adjustment of medication chart in HTN patients. The study sealed that pharmaceutical care Intervention is a basic device to enhance BP management in HTN patients. The role of Clinical pharmacist is essential to improve the knowledge of patient for better treatment outcome.


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Sivasakthi R, Senthil Kumar C, Mohan S, & Nithiyan P. (2021). Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice among hypertension patients at tertiary care hospital on drugs. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 436-441.