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Joint inflammation might be a term regularly acclimated mean any confusion that influences joints. Manifestations for the most part, incorporate joint torment and firmness. Different manifestations may incorporate redness, warmth, growing, the diminished scope of movement of the influenced joints. The aim of the study is to determine the effectiveness of strengthening and aerobic exercise among geriatrics with arthritis. A quantitative research approach with a quasi-experimental research design was used for the present study. A total of 60 arthritis clients who fall in the inclusion criteria were selected by purposive sampling technique, among which 30 samples were in the experimental group and 30 in the control group. The data were collected for both the groups, followed by the pre-test was conducted on the 1st day, the intensity level of pain was assessed by the numerical pain rating scale followed by the exercises which are effective in arthritis are a range of motion exercise, strengthening exercises (hand towel knee exercises, knee flexion, long arc quads), aerobic exercise (brisk walking) was initiated only in the experimental group. The post-test was conducted on 7th day and the level of pain was assessed by a numerical pain rating scale in both the groups. The results revealed that there was a significant reduction in the level of pain at p<0.0001 after the intervention among the experimental group. Thus, the study proves that strengthening and aerobic exercises can be used as an effective nursing intervention for reducing the arthritis pain among the geriatrics and it is easily applicable exercises, and also considered as a less cost-effective. These exercises can be practiced at home without any stress or harm and it has less side effect as compared to that of pharmacological interventions. 


Arthritis Strengthening exercise Aerobic exercise Joint pain

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Tamilselvi S, Anshu Gloria Ekka, & Arul Jothi L. (2020). Effectiveness of Strengthening and Aerobic Exercises among Geriatrics with Arthritis. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 593-598.