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The use of therapeutic agents in medicine has lead to the development of resistant strains of many pathogens. As an alternative medicine, many herbal formulations were introduced. From ancient times, various medicinal plants have been used as a treatment agent for various diseases due to their alarming herbal properties. Turmeric, a rhizome of curcumin long a is one among them which has anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its novel properties, it is used in various treatments options for oral health and systemic health. Curcumin, due to its complex interaction between inflammation, immunity and oxidative stress, it was used in various oral and neck pathologies also apart from general health benefits. Curcumin suppresses pro-inflammatory cytokines in head and neck pathologies showing various changes in salivary Ph and salivary stress biomarkers. In dentistry, curcumin has been proved to have antiplaque efficiency in various studies, but long term study is required to substantiate its properties. Recently nanostructured lipid carrier containing curcumin was used in dentistry to bring about bone regeneration. This article depicts various properties, applications of curcumin in healthcare and its pharmacological action for systemic and oral health.


Antioxidant Anticaries Agent Hepatoprotective Root canal irrigant

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Dhanasekhar Kesavelu, & Sheela K. (2021). General Health and Pharmacological Benefits of Curcumin – A Natural Healing Agent. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 334-338.