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We evaluated the effect of adding subtilisin-like Bacillus pumilus proteinase to the diet of Hubboard broiler chickens on growth, digestibility of feed nutrients, blood characteristics, meat quality and histological parameters. One hundred and eighty broiler chickens were divided into 6 groups and received 2 feed rations from 0 to 35 days. The diet was either a basic diet without additives (BD) or a basic diet supplemented with B. pumilus proteinase at a concentration of 10 units/kg feed. We found that the addition of proteinase did not adversely (P < 0.05) affect the blood counts of broilers throughout the experiment. In the balanced experiment, we showed that with the addition of the microbial enzyme, the digestibility of the organic matter of the broilers diet increases considerably (P < 0.05). Veterinary sanitary examination and histological studies led to the conclusion that the broiler meat of the experimental group complies with Russian state standards (GOST) for fresh meat of good quality. It was established that the addition of proteinase to the main diet for broilers enhances the digestibility of the organic and mineral components of the broiler feed ration and reduces the amount of feed consumed.


Broiler Subtilisin-Like Serine Proteinase Bacillus Pumilus Food Supplement Nutrient Digestibility Productivity

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Anastasia O Koryagina, Natalia L Rudakova, Sergey Yu Smolentsev, Guzel F Khadieva, Marat T Lutfullin, Ayslu M Mardanova, & Margarita R Sharipova. (2021). Effect of bacterial serine proteinase on growth performance and nutrient digestibility in broilers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 262-273.