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Melochia corchorifolia belongs to the Sterculiaceae family and is a common weed distributed throughout tropical and subtropical regions in many countries. Melochia corchorifolia is a medicinal plant which is used as a traditional folk medicine for the treatment of the various diseases. Several studies have reported antibacterial, antifungal, cytotoxicity effects and anti-cancer activity of water and methanol extracts of the leaf. The dried leaves were powdered and extracted with ethanol solvent through the Soxhlet apparatus. The phytochemical analysis was done using standard techniques on the ethanolic extract. The analysis showed the presence of various phytoconstituents such as flavonoids, alkaloids, steroids, terpenoids, glycosides, tannins, phenols, saponins and anthraquinones. Besides, the research was aimed at assessing the Anthelmintic behaviour of ethanol extract of Melochia corchorifolia leaves against Eisenia fetida (Indian earthworms)  the result shown that 300 mg/ml proved to be very active by paralyzing and killing the earthworms in a shorter time and followed by  Antidiabetic activity in  inhibition assay for α-amylase activity was evaluated using Melochia corchorifolia leaves showed maximum inhibition of the enzyme with the highest value of 85.0% seen at 100mg/ml. Our results reveal that ethanol extract of the leaf of Melochia corchorifolia acquires potent bioactive phytocompounds that might be developed into novel Anthelmintic and Antidiabetic activities.


Melochia corchorifolia Eisenia fetida phytochemical analysis Anthelmintic activity Antidiabetic activity

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Vinoth M, & Natarajan B. (2021). Evaluation of phytochemical, anthelmintic activity and antidiabetic activity-melochia corchorifolia ethanol extract. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 234-239.