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Road traffic accidents/injuries in recent times have become a major global epidemic and the most important cause of death among younger population of age group 15-29 years. Countries that have undergone extensive and rapid development face an increase in the number of road accidents. This is due to the motorisation associated with urbanisation and development. A cross-sectional study was conducted among the Undergraduate Medical students of a private medical college in Chennai. Two hundred and three participants were studied by convenient sampling method. Participants were from 1st year to 4th year, and the duration of the study was for three months. A pre-tested, semi-structured and self-administered questionnaire was given, and the desired information was elicited. Data was then analysed with the help of statistical package for the social sciences software (SPSS). Chi-square test was done to test the significance (p <0.05). Among 203 study participants, 121 (59.6%) of them had a driving license. The mean age of participants was found to be 19.99, and the standard deviation equals + 1.3 years. Significantly more number of participants having driving license stopped the vehicle for pedestrians to cross the road and stopped their vehicle at a zebra crossing. The highest positive response was seen in giving way to an ambulance in those with and without a license. The number of participants wearing helmet and seat-belt was less, and the knowledge about the speed limit on national highways was also low. Significant increase in the number of female participants wearing a seat-belt, helmet, following traffic rules, avoiding drunken driving and following speed limit was observed when compared to male participants. A multi-disciplinary approach towards creating more awareness and enforcing stringent laws is the urgent need of the hour to prevent mortality and morbidity due to Road Traffic Incident.


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Taarika Balaji, Manju, & Timsi Jain. (2021). A cross-sectional study to assess the knowledge, attitude and risk- behaviour towards Road Safety among Undergraduate Medical Students, Kanchipuram, Chennai. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 213-221.