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The Geriatric syndrome includes a series of representation which may be related to ageing such as delirium, falls, incontinence and frailty.  Frailty is a common clinical syndrome in geriatric population that supports the weight of enhancing the risk of poor health outcomes, including the falls incident, disability, hospitalization and mortality.  This study aims to find out the Correlation of Hand Grip, Gait Speed and Physical Activity with Frailty Index in Geriatric Population.  It is an observational study done with convenient sampling with 40 participants of both the sexes were selected based on the selection criteria.  The frailty of participants was assessed by a questionnaire which contains 41 components known as “Frailty Index”.  An administered interviewer reported that. Hand-Held Dynamometer measured hand Grip. A 10-meter walk test assessed gait speed. The Physical Activity Scale assessed physical activity for The Elderly (PASE).  The results showed that PASE Score, for the age group between 60-69 years people have high PASE score 100.9 than the age group of peoples 70-79 years, 80-89 years and 90-97 years with a score of 71.49, 36.17, 6.5 respectively. There is a negative correlation of frailty index with hand grip (r = -0.314), gait speed (r = -0.313) and Physical activity.  The study concluded that there was a negative correlation of handgrip, gait speed and physical activity with frailty index in the geriatric population.


Geriatric population Frailty Handgrip Gait speed Physical Activity Scale Hand Held Dynamometer

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Malarvizhi D, & Hariharan S. (2021). Correlation of Hand Grip, Gait Speed, Physical Activity with Frailty Index in Geriatric Population. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 208-212.