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In this current era, the demand for herbal medicines and products is increasing globally, and herbal medicines are being used traditionally as well as for the modern systems for treatment of various diseases and ailments. There are so many plants that are under research for their potential therapeutic and pharmaceutical applications, and Remusatia Vivipara  is one of that rare plants belonging to the family Araceae. There are 105 Genera; more than 3300 species persist locally in tropical and sub-tropical areas and world widely. Remusatia Vivipara  is commonly known as “Hitchhiker Elephant ear”. Tribal people also named it as Lalkand. The root juice of Remusatia Vivipara  used on the wound to dispel any germ and worms. Remusatia Vivipara  has many folkloric applications like for Inflammation and arthritis treatment, analgesic, for disinfecting the Genitourinary tract, and treatment of reddish boils. Upon hydrolysis arabinose, galactose, glucose, mannose, xylose, and various uronic acids are the most commonly observed components. This review is an attempt to compile all the aspects and details of plant Remusatia vivipara.


Remusatia Vivipara Medicinal Herb Phytochemical Constituents Herbal Plants Flavonoids Terpenoids

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Mayur Bhurat, Mrinal Sharma, Ashish Budhrani, Sanjay Nagdev, Rupal Bhurat, & Manish Deshmukh. (2021). A Rare Medicinal Herb Remusatia Vivipara. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 203-207.