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Since the development of ruby laser by Maiman in 1960 & application of laser for endodontics by Weichman in 1971, a variety of papers on potential applications for lasers in endodontics have been published. Lasers have been a significant advancement in the field of endodontics. Be it effective cleaning, root canal treatment, surgery etc. The lateral accessory canals and anatomical complexities have been a restraint in root canal procedure, for such cases lasers have been introduced to simplify the process & have good clinical results. As there has been a boon in the improvement of laser techniques, many latest lasers having a broad array of characteristics is accessible and can also be helpful in several areas related to dentistry. When compared with conventional techniques, laser treatments has been proven to be more advantageous. The purpose of this article is to summarize laser applications in endodontics, including their use in pulp diagnosis, dentinal hypersensitivity, pulp capping and pulpotomy, sterilization of root canals, root canal shaping & obturation & apicectomy. This article reviews the role of lasers in endodontics since the early 1970s & summarizes what future may hold for endodontics. With the potential availability of many new laser wavelengths and modes, much interest is developing in this promising field. 


Laser diagnosis Nd: YAG Root canal treatment laser therapy use

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Akshay Jaiswal, Anuja Ikhar, Pradnya Nikhade, Manoj Chandak, Rushikesh Bhonde, Samrudhi Kathod, Saurabh Rathi, & Kajol Relan. (2021). Lasers in Endodontic: A review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 150-153.