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Starch and its derivatives are one of the significant excipients used in the pharmaceutical formulations due to their multi-purpose functionalities. The purpose of this study is two-fold: (1) Firstly, to propose a systematic approach in understanding the material properties of a starch derivative (pregelatinised starch/PGS) using analytical ‘toolbox’ as part of ‘alternative supplier sourcing’, and secondly (2) To demonstrate the effect of PGS from different vendors on the tablet disintegration using model formulations. Contextually, a two-tier characterisation procedure is generally considered as a prerequisite for establishing the sameness of the material obtained either from different batches or from various vendors.  Primarily, the sameness between typical quality-control tests and compendial requirements are to be established. If similar, then sameness between the functional characteristics is to be established. In this context, the PGS from two vendors met the specifications, and there were no differences for the test results in the certificates of analysis. However, when subjected to functionality assessment, the two lots were found to be distinctly different. The influence of the functional property variations was further exemplified from viscosity results of raw material. Furthermore, this difference was even more evident when the model formulations were subjected to disintegration testing. The similarity in compendial tests but significant differences in functionality characteristics for the PGS of two vendors can be unravelled by considering variations in particle size, crystallinity, starch retrogradation and these changes are potentially attributed to the differences in the gelatinisation procedures adopted by the vendors.


Functional Characteristics Starch Retrogradation Crystallinity Particle Size Birefringence Gelatinization Disintegrant-Binder properties Viscosity Disintegration test

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Saravanan D, Prakash Muthudoss, Praveen Khullar, & Rose Venis A. (2021). Pregelatinized Starch: Variability in Gelatinization and its Influence on Product Performance. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 141-149.