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Diabetes has become a global health concern, its management lies hugely on expensive medical care and monitoring; thus the need to investigate possible alternatives to reduce treatment cost and also to reduce the side effects of commonly used anti diabetic drugs. This study aims to assess the anti-diabetic effect of mixed fruit juice nanoemulsion of  Coccinia grandis, Punica granatum and Phyllanthus emblica. Mixed fruit juice nanoemulsion were prepared in the ratio of VCO oil:water:surfactant- 32:36:32 (%w/w). characterization parameters of mixed fruit juice nanoemulsion including PH, zeta potential, size, morphology were within the standard limits and was used for the study. The anti diabetic effect of nano emulsified mixed fruit juice was compared with that of acarbose by measuring their inhibitory effect on the enzyme alpha glucosidase. Maximum Inhibitory effect of formulated Nano emulsion on enzyme alpha glucosidase was 83% at concentration 81μg/ml whereas that for the standard anti-diabetic drug Acarbose was 93% at concentration 540μg/ml. For acarbose, the maximum Inhibition was 92% at the concentration of 540μg/ml. The relative inhibition Percentage of Nano emulsion versus Control has been analyzed and the results found to be statistically significant (P<0.003).


Alpha glucosidase Anti-diabetic Fruit juice extract Nanoemulsion

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Gayathri K, Karpagavel L, Murugavel K, & Manikandan N. (2021). An in-vitro study to compare and evaluate the anti-diabetic effect of mixed fruit juice nanoemulsion with acarbose. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 72-76.