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An online module series offered to prepare pharmacists to facilitate cognitive pharmaceutical services. Four e-courses were uploaded in the e-based continuing pharmacy education (CPE) for community pharmacists. The four courses offered were the patient counselling aspects of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, peptic ulcer and asthma. Each course covered the necessary information about the disease, brief pathophysiology, treatment options, lifestyle modifications, expected side effects, ADR of treatment, Dos and Don’ts by the patients. The contents of these courses were presented online in the form of slides in reading format. The presentation included text, pictures and graphs. Out of 70 respondents, about 65.71% of (n=46) were male. Majority of the pharmacists (68.57%), (n=48) found to be D.Pharm. Holders Among 70 pharmacists about 55 pharmacists completed the patient counselling modules Majority of the respondents (n=38; 54%) believed that increasing the knowledge of the pharmacists would help to enhance the present status of pharmacy practice. More than three fourth (n=53; 76%) of the community pharmacists responded that continuing pharmacy education programs to be attended to develop their professional expertise. The feedback on the e-learn modules undergone by the participants was very encouraging and promising. All the participants agreed that the faculty of the module had got sound knowledge, and the modules were practical. This study's results suggest that a series of self-paced online modules with appropriate content can improve pharmacists confidence to provide cognitive pharmaceutical service.


Community pharmacy E. Module continuing pharmacy education Patient counselling

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Deepalakshmi M, Vijay V, Navaneethakrishnan S, Manikandan P, Arun K P, & Ponnusankar S. (2021). An Online Module Series to Prepare Pharmacists to Facilitate Cognitive Pharmaceutical Services. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 66-71.