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Inhibition of enzymes has a great influence on various metabolism activity in the body. The objective of this research has been to assess the impact of some metals and the drug statin on the activity of purified enzyme paraoxonase extracted from human sera (hPON1). The enzyme was purified in consecutive four steps using Ammonium Sulphate, Dialysis, Ion exchange and Gel filtration chromatography, respectively. These four purification steps have approved their credence in obtaining a maximum purification state of the enzyme. The inhibitory impact of some metals ions, i.e. Mg+2, K+1, Mn+2, Na+1, EDTA, and Zn+2, on the activity of purified hPON1 has also been assessed. The result showed the highest inhibitory impact of 10 mMol/L of Sodium Nitrate (NaNO3) on the activity of purified hPON1 while medication atorvastatin had significantly increased the activity of hPON1. It is concluded that any subtle change in the enzyme PON-1 could consequently lead to various diseases. More assessments are required for type two (PON-2) and type three (PON-3) to be explored. Atorvastatin is recommended to regulate cholesterol metabolism by the intestine and to lower the risk of diseases for elder ages. 


Enzyme activity human paraoxonase (hPON1) metal toxicity Statins

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Lana A Mansor, Wafa M Sadik, & Noorhan A Chelebi. (2021). Impact of some metal ions on activity of purified human enzyme paraoxonase (hPON1). International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 59-65.