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All children between 1 month to 18 years, admitted with new on set undiagnosed febrile or a febrile convulsive seizure disorder to R.L. Jalappa Hospital and Research Centre, Kolar are included in this study. The study was conducted over a period of one year from Dec 2013 to Jan 2015 with sample size of 150.  The mean age of onset of seizure in study group was 5.19 ± 4.37 years.The age group at which maximum onset of seizures found was between 1-5 years of life. Febrile seizure (65.9%) was the most common cause of seizure below 5 years of age and Neurocysticercosis (50%) in the age group 6-18 years. Females were more susceptible to seizure disorders than males. The most common clinical presentation of seizures was generalized tonic-clonic type (56.6%). The most common etiology was infectious (66.1%), Idiopathic generalized epilepsies (45%) were most common type of epilepsy. Mean temperature on admission to hospital in febrile seizure patients was 101.430F. Mean age for febrile seizure was 24.05 months. Further, studies on large scale over longer duration should be carried out, to put forth the diagnostic guidelines and management plans based on clinical presentation and etiological causes in a specific age group.


Epilepsy Seizure Convulsion clinical profile Neurocysticercosis

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Suvarna Rekha P, & Krishnappa J. (2021). Study of Clinico-Etiological profile of seizures in Kolar District of Karnataka, India. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 28-38.