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In India anemia is a common problem among Antenatal Women. In order to decrease maternal mortality, it is important to create knowledge among  antenatal women. Varied instruments have been used to assess knowledge on anemia. However, there is a shortage for validated instruments in India for assessing anemia knowledge. The aim of present study is to develop a reliable and valid questionnaire to assess the knowledge of anemia to be used in antenatal women, reproductive women and adolescent girls. Before pretest researchers measured face validity and construct validity. The study was conducted in antenatal outpatient department of selected primary health centers at Thriuvallur district, Tamil Nadu, India.Subjects: Six nursing and one psychology expert, ten Village Health Nurse (VHN) and 100 antenatal mothers participated in the mission. During factorial analysis sampling adequacy was measured by using Kaiser- Meyer-Olkin (KMO) test (MSA) = 0.87 and Bartlett’s test of sphericity was X2 = 458.338 (p < 0.001). Varimax with Kaiser normalization rotation was performed and three factors were defined. The “general awareness” consists of four items (α = 0.79), anemia investigation and treatment component consists of six items (α = 0.81) and under diet and complication of anemia component, there is a five item factor (α = 0.89). In individual questions factor analysis, Cronbach’s alphas ranged from .84 and .86. 15.2% indicating total variance. There is no statistical significance between test and retest method. The questionnaire showed good validity and reliability (internal consistency and reproducibility), hence we can use this questionnaire among adults. 


Anemia Knowledge Scale Validity Reliability

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Aruna Subramaniam, Sirala Nalini Jagadeesh, Poongodi Ramalingam, & Saranya P. (2020). Validation of Tamil Version of the Anemia Knowledge Questionnaire (AKQ). International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 524-530.