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Periodontitis is one of the most common recurring diseases in the oral cavity and is marked by the destruction of connective tissue and alveolar bone support which provokes an inflammatory host response following infection by periodontal microorganisms. Periodontal diseases have greater importance in public health globally due to increased prevalence rates and distinguishable social impact on oral health.  The aim of this present study is to assess the risk of periodontitis in children. This is a university setting study. One hundred children were randomly selected who reported to Saveetha Dental College. The factors which were assessed are periodontal status, medical condition and oral hygiene status of the children and compared. Out of 100 children, 54% were males and 46% were females. Periodontal disease was present in 17% of the study population. There was a positive correlation between periodontal disease and oral hygiene index. Oral hygiene was compromised in children with periodontitis when compared with other children (p=0.001). No significant association was found between periodontal status and medical condition (p>0.05). Within the limits of the present study, it is observed that periodontal disease has a strong association with the oral hygiene of the children.


Periodontitis Oral hygiene Brushing frequency Gingivitis Systemic diseases

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Vaishali S, Ganesh Jeevanandan, & Revathi Duraisamy. (2020). Evaluation of Risk of Periodontitis In Children- A Retrospective Study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 490-495.