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Hydroclave is a recently introduced technique in the methods of sterilisation. It is a simple method that is affordable by most. This system uses steam to indirectly heat the vessel and dehydrate the waste that is fed into it. It has a variety of features. It has a higher and better degree of sterilisation. The holding time of this vessel is 15 minutes for a cycle. The advantages of using this Hydroclave is that it reduces waste by volume and size. The waste is reduced easily and hence it facilitates easy disposal. A systematic search strategy was employed and articles were found using keywords. Literature was taken from databases like PubMed and Google Scholar. Articles that discussed the newer techniques of sterilisation were included. Other articles which had data regarding Hydroclave, its benefits, structure and its applications were also included.  A total of about 70 articles were collected initially. Multiple articles were added later from other sources. After eliminating articles that did not meet the inclusion criteria, more than 30 studies were finally obtained to carry out the research.  This review summarized the use of Hydroclave for sterilisation. Other techniques, uses of Hydroclave, Process of sterilisation were also discussed in detail in this review article.


Sterilisation Hydroclave Disposal of waste Medical waste Treatment of waste

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Karishma Desai, Geetha R. V., & Leslie Rani S. (2020). Hydroclave - A newer method of sterilisation - Review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 485-489.