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The liver is the second-largest organ in the human body, which has the ability to regenerate after an injury or any inflammation. The liver diseases can be classified as an acute or chronic and infectious or non-infectious origin. Almost all the liver diseases produce oral manifestations like petechiae, Excessive bleeding in the cause of any minor trauma, inflammation. Oral Manifestation like gingival bleeding, glossitis, sialadenitis, hyposalivation are most commonly associated and perioral rashes, more prone to dental caries, Candidiasis are associated rarely with liver cirrhosis. Dry mouth, Sjogren syndrome both are commonly associated with all liver disease, hyposalivation leads to changes in the oral mucosa like alteration in taste, burning sensation in the tongue, bad breath etc., There are changes seen in oral mucosa, Candidiasis, fissured tongue, aphthous ulcers, bald tongue and halitosis due to compounds like Aliphatic acid, hydrogen sulfide, produced as a result of liver damage and they have a characteristic mousy odour. The common oral manifestations that are associated with Hepatocellular carcinoma include increased incidence of dental caries, loss of the tooth, Gingival bleeding, increased bone loss, chronic periodontitis, oral thrush, Candidiasis and oral lichen planus. Liver diseases have many implications in a dental setting and should carefully take a brief medical history. This study will provide better knowledge in understanding the association between liver disease and oral hygiene, Effective treatment planning in a dental setting also for liver diseased patients. Dental practitioners should know the oral manifestations commonly associated with liver diseases so that treatment can be accordingly made. With this background, the present study aims to review the impact of liver disease on oral health and its management in a dental setting.


Liver Cirrhosis Liver diseases hepatocellular carcinoma Oral health Periodontitis Oral dysbiosis Dental management

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Thamarai Selvi V T, Ezhilarasan D, & Brundha M P. (2020). Impact of Liver Disease On Oral Health. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 479-484.