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The current study aims to the preparation and assessment of novel oral mucoadhesive multiple-unit mini patches (MMMP) of lansoprazole (LAN) for extended-release. MMMP of LAN in enteric-coated capsules were prepared and evaluated using chitosan in combination with xanthan gum, guar gum, tragacanth or acacia in the ratios of 19:1, 9:1, 4:1, 1.5:1 and 0.66:1 employing 2% acetic acid as a solvent for chitosan, purified water as a solvent for natural gum polymers and glycerin 0.12 mL as a plasticizer. The prepared films (0.5 mm dia) were filled into hard gelatin capsules which were enteric-coated. The prepared MMMP were characterized for surface texture, thickness, folding endurance, moisture content, moisture uptake, mucoadhesive strength, drug content uniformity, In vitro drug release and accelerated stabiliity studies. The SEM photographs showed the rough to smooth pattern of surfaces of patches. The thickness of MMMP found between 43.62±0.27 and 49.53±0.11 mm; mean weight was between 13.81+0.14 and 14.94+0.15 mg; a percentage of swelling was between 215±5.39 and 473±6.72; moisture content was between 1.04±0.06 and 2.67±0.24; mucoadhesion was found between 5.5+0.2 and 12.3+0.6 h and the drug content was found between 95.08±3.42% and 99.16±4.73% for all formulations.


Enteric-coated capsules extended-release lansoprazole mucoadhesive multiple-unit mini patches MMMP

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Raj Kumar S, Subbarao P, Nithya P, & Jaikumar S. (2020). Enteral Coated Capsules for Extended Release of Lansoprazolemucoadhesive Multiple-Unit Mini Patches. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 464-470.