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India is a vast country with a large number of individuals in the community with various disabilities. It had been estimated that there are roughly 0.62 amputees in India per thousand population. This translates to close to more than one million individuals with amputations. Digital amputation is a common injury. This very often results in extensive functional disability and a substantial psychological impact. More importantly, the outcome of digital dysfunction is detrimental to the patient's daily activities, such as buttoning a shirt or unlocking a door. Therefore, the overall goal for these patients is to rebuild a finger with the restoration of normal function, stability, length, and sensation. Prosthetic rehabilitation of amputated fingers is an attempt to rehabilitate aesthetics and limitedly function. A prosthesis will be a counterfeit body part that replaces a few of the work and presence of the absent a major aspect. The kind of your prosthetic hand, finger alternately arm will rely on upon the area Furthermore period for your remaining finger or hand Also your practical Also lifestyle necessities. It is critical with impart those exercises that you feel need aid. The separable die allowed the silicone to flow into narrow spaces. Once the mould is filled with silicone, the flask is closed and pressure is applied slowly.


Digital Amputation Rehabilitate Aesthetics Prosthetic Substantial Psychological Impact

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Sanjeeva Rao M, Venkateswara Rao J, Ramarao Mannam, & Ardhanaari M. (2020). Analysis on Making of Finger Prosthesis using Amputation Surgery Method. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 457-463.