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Cheilitis also known as cracked lips is nothing but the inflammation of the lip causing dryness or peeling away of the skin. Aim of this study is to evaluate the prevalence and treatment for cheilitis among patients visiting Saveetha Dental College. Online database was used for retrieval of data. Case sheets of 86, 000 patients were reviewed among which 50 patients were recruited for the study who had cheilitis. Data such as age, gender and appropriate treatment given for the patient was noted. All the data collected was entered in Microsoft Excel Sheet. Statistical analysis was done. Rate of prevalence of cheilitis according to this study is 0.05%. Prevalence of cheilitis was most common among the age group of 36 - 45 years of age (24%). Females were mostly affected (26%). Clotrimazole mouth point (50%) was the most common treatment given for cheilitis. No statistical significance (p > 0.05) for the age and treatment options. Within the limits of this study females of the age group 36 - 45 years of age had the highest prevalence of cheilitis. Clotrimazole topical application was the most common followed by vitamin V12 complex for treatment of cheilitis. 


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Hemashree J, & Manjari Chaudhary. (2020). Prevalence and treatment for cheilitis - A retrospective study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 428-432.