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Agriculture is the main occupation of the people. Further cultivation, public occupied themselves in weaving, tanning and metallurgy. Among the various occupations weaving is one of the second major occupations in India next to agriculture. A long tradition of excellence in its craftsmanship, Indian Handloom is said to have dated back to the ancient ages. 15th August 1947, noticeable turnings face for the country's handloom weavers. Weavers are the main population in India who suffer from major health problems such as respiratory problems, musculoskeletal disorders and chronic diseases like hypertension as well as disabilities such as everlasting ears hot failure due to revelation to sound. For the interventional study interview schedule was used and screened 90 subjects based on the health problems, subjects divided into 3 groups such as EM – 30, EMS-30 and CM-30. Functional food mixes prepared and formulated soya based health mixes and assessed the nutrient content of health mixes, and supplemented to the experimental groups. There is no supplementation for the control group. Then the impact was evaluated by using biochemical parameters. After the supplementation revealed, the soya based health mixes are reduced the risk of osteoporosis.


handloom weavers occupational health problems functional foods and soya

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Usharani R. (2020). Impact of Functional Food Mixes on Serum Calcium and Phosphorous Level – An Interventional Study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 393-398.