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The traditional drug, as characterized by the World Health Organization, is the aggregate of the information, aptitudes, and practices dependent on the hypotheses, convictions, and encounters indigenous to various societies, regardless of whether intelligible or not, utilized in the upkeep of well-being just as in the anticipation, analysis, improvement, or treatment of physical and psychological maladjustment. There is increasing usage of traditional drugs worldwide. To adequately manage safety issues associated with traditional drugs, the future dentists must possess good knowledge of them. Dental undergraduate students, totaling 100 students completed a questionnaire in a cross-sectional study that assessed their knowledge and attitude towards traditional drugs. Data was analyzed using SPSS software. The best known and used herb was chamomile and clove. Although with limited knowledge, the dental students showed a high level of personal use and good attitudes towards traditional drugs. Introduction of traditional drugs courses in their dental curriculum and also more awareness programs should increase their knowledge and attitude, so they could in the future adequately manage patients who used or intend to use traditional drugs.


Traditional drugs Dental undergraduates Chamomile Clove Fennel root

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Sushma P G, Lakshmi T, & Kavitha S. (2020). Perception and knowledge on the medicinal use of traditional drugs among dental undergraduates - A survey. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 336-343.