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Naturals herbs are a topic commonly used for the research of drugs that could be used to treat cancer as it has become a leading cause of death in several developing countries. There is a constant demand for new therapies to treat and prevent this life-threatening disease. Scientific and research interest is drawing its attention towards naturally-derived compounds as they are considered to have less toxic side effects compared to current treatments such as chemotherapy. Goldenseal, commonly known as yellow puccoon has wide therapeutic activity. The bioactive components present are helpful in treating several problems in the human systems. They are capable of eliminating toxic substances due to the anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and other properties. The study aims to do a study on the anti-carcinogenic activity of Hydrastis Canadensis on oral cancer cell lines. Through there researches it would be made available to all the people for an affordable cost. The sensitivity of KB (Oral squamous cell carcinoma) cells was determined individually by the MTT colourimetric assay. Higher concentrations of the herb induce increased cell inhibition, and it can give close and similar actions with tamoxifen. Studies indicate that goldenseal is biologically a very active plant which makes it very attention-able one.


anti-carcinogenic oral cancer cell Hydrastis Canadensis Plant oils Cytotoxicity

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Geetha RV, Monica Antony, & Lakshmi Thangavelu. (2019). The anti-carcinogenic activity of Hydrastis Canadensis on oral cancer cell lines. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(2), 1054-1057.

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