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Every individual has various preferences for food and distinctive dietary patterns and wanting for some food tastes. These are on the whole ordinary inclinations with regards to considering about food, a portion of the people become fixated on food, weight and self-perception issues which lead to change in their dietary patterns; they may start to eat minuscule or very huge bits of food, or they may even quit eating for a critical time frame which may leads to Eating disorders which affects the mental health of an individual. However, they are completely treatable and have high chance of recovery. The Study Aims to compare the knowledge regarding anorexia nervosa between urban and rural areas. The Research approach used for the study was evaluative approach. The research design was exploratory survey method. Convenient sampling technique was adopted, the study was conducted in Porur for urban and Kondancheri for rural. At the end overall knowledge score, the mean level of knowledge in anorexia nervosa among adolescent girls in rural area are 19.5. The mean of level of knowledge of anorexia nervosa among adolescent girls in urban area is 23.6. The mean difference score is 4.1. The "t" value is 7.49. The degree of freedom is 29. The mean of urban area is higher than the rural area. The “t " value is scientifically significant. The study indicates that there is a great need for knowledge regarding anorexia nervosa to adolescent girls and their family members in rural areas.


Assess Knowledge Anorexia nervosa Adolescent girls Urban Rural

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Alfred Solomon D, & Nishanthi E. (2020). Knowledge Impact of Anorexia Nervosa on Adolescent Girls: An exploratory survey. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 296-299.