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Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disorder categorized by hyperglycemia subsequent that faults of insulin emission and/or insulin cellular resistance and is the fore most reason for disease and mortality. The ABO blood collections frequently related by numerous illnesses through one blood group added repeatedly grown by the patients of a specific disease. The aim of this learning is to regulate the association among ABO & Rhesus blood groups and Type-2 diabetes mellitus in the local populace of Visakhapatnam. The present study is a hospital depended on the cross-sectional, case-control study, directed over a phase of six months in out-patient units of endocrinology department of a tertiary care hospital. An entire of 332 patients by Type-II DM and 200 age and sex harmonized healthy controls were included. In cases group, out of 332 patients 174(52.4%) were males (vs 113(56.5%) controls) and 158(47.5%) were females (vs 87(43.5%) controls) and about 289(87.04%) patients were found to be Rh+ve type (vs 178(89%) controls). About 91(27.4%) were found to be B-positive (vs 28(14%) controls), 87(26.2%) were O-positive (vs 69( 34.5%) controls ), and 73(22%) are A-positive (vs 62(31%) controls), 38(11.45%) are AB-positive (vs 19(9.5%) controls) , 14(4.2%) are O-negative(vs 3(1.5%) controls), 11(3.3%) are A-negative(vs 10(5%) controls),10(3.0%) are AB-negative(vs 3(1.5%) controls), 8(2.4%) are B-negative(vs 6(3%) controls). There is a suggestion among ABO antigens and Rhesus blood groups by Type-II DM. DM is more common in patients with B blood group and Rh-Positive.


ABO and Rh blood groups Type-2 diabetes mellitus cases and control groups

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Ravi Kumar, Ravi Varma BH, Vijayabhasker V, & Avinash Kulkarni. (2020). An Analytical Study on Associated Type-II Diabetic Mellitus with ABO Rhesus Blood Groups. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 264-268.