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Workers are the pillars of the nation. Hence, the health of the workers must be maintained in terms of Nutrition. But our workers do not concentrate in dietary aspects and skips meal regularly. Improper dietary habits affect the health and the well-being of the workers. To study the dietary pattern and meal skipping habits of dietary work force. Adopting random stratified  sampling technique, 100 diabetic general shift workers and 100 diabetic rotation shift workers were selected. Interview schedule was used to obtain the dietary pattern and meal skipping pattern of the subjects. After obtaining the details, raw data was coded and subjected to statistical analysis. About 84.5% and 15.5 were mixed vegetarian and vegetarian respectively. About 86% consumed all three meals a day. 79% brings food from home to workplace. About 37% of diabetic workers skip meal, among them, majority of workers skips breakfast (52.7%). Considering the dietary habits of the diabetic workers, it is essential to educate the workers regarding the good nutritional habits to maintain the blood glucose levels and to prevent micro and macrovascular complication. Employees must provide "health friendly" foods at canteen for the subsidized rates to maintain the wellness of diabetic workers.


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Appaji CH SK, Ramtulasi, Selvaraj V, & Gayathri C. (2020). A comparative study on dietary pattern and meal skipping habits of diabetic works. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 248-251.