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The rate of use of over the counter (OTC) drugs is radically expanding step by step. Over the counter medications are drugs sold easily to consumer without a physician’s instruction. A cross sectional descriptive design was adopted for this study to assess the prevalence, knowledge and practice of over-the-counter medications use among general population. A sum of 440 people was selected utilizing probability cluster sampling by evaluating individuals who met the inclusion criteria. The participants were collected data on knowledge and practice of over-the-counter medications use with a self-structured questionnaire through structured interview method. An aggregate of 500 people were met with respect to their utilization of OTC medications, among which 440 were selected. The commonness of self-medicine with OTC medications in our examination was seen as 88%. Among which 97% of them had adequate knowledge on OTC meds and just 3% had inadequate knowledge. With respect to level of Practice, it was discovered that 67.7% of them had low practice, 31.1% had moderate practice and 1.13% had high practice. There was a feeble negative connection existed among knowledge and practice (r=-0.244) which was significant at p<.001. There was likewise a measurably statistically significant affiliation noted between the degree of knowledge with medicinal professionals in their family at p<0.01 and source of awareness at p<0. 001. Correspondingly, an affiliation was found between the degree of practice with educational qualification at p < 0.01, OTC medicine utilization in years at p < 0.01and source of awareness at p <05.


Over-the-counter medication prevalence knowledge practice general population

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Cecyli C, Kavitha K, & Manjula A. (2020). Assessment of Prevalence, Knowledge and Practice of Over-the-Counter Medications Use among General Population. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 212-216.