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Hearing loss is one among the persistent sensory deficiency in human populaces, involving added 250 million public in the world. Hearing aids are electrical equipments that aid in optimizing acuity of speech or other sounds. Outcome measures have a rising concern to audiologists, customers and hearing aid producers. To assess the user gratification of  government-funded hearing aids. To assess the digital quality of free hearing aids provided by the government. Method: The study was done on patients who are providing by overdue the ear hearing aids in a free hearing aid distribution camp under Support to Disabled persons for obtaining / fitting of aids/appliances (ADIP) scheme. A survey was done for 100 subjects by administering the SADL. The SADL gratification scores showed high gratification ratings for almost all aspects of the questionnaire. Approximately 80 % of the individuals using the hearing aids provided positive feedback and were tremendously satisfied with the performance of the hearing aid.Hence to conclude, ADIP scheme hearing aids do satisfy the users in most of the features such as speech understanding, speaking over the phone and enhanced hearing.


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Jyothi Singamsetty, Ravikumar Raju, Sankaralingam P, & Manoj Reddy P. (2020). A Defective Sensor Persistent for Optimized Hearing Disabled Person using Hearing Aids. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 184-187.