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Chronic renal failure or chronic kidney disease is a slowly progressive loss of kidney work over a time of quite a while. As kidney disappointment propels and the organ's capacity is truly weakened, hazardous degrees of waste and liquid can quickly develop in the body. On the off chance that persistent kidney disappointment closes At end-stage kidney infection, the patient won't get by without dialysis or a kidney transplant. Dialysis is adopted for cleaning the blood, is one of the most widely recognized treatment alternatives for patients with the end-stage renal illness. The study aims are to assess the effectiveness of Pranayama on fatigue and insomnia among patients with Hemodialysis. An evaluate approach was used for this study with one group pretest and posttest design. Nonprobability purposive sampling method was used to select the 60 samples of the study. The tool used for this study was fatigue and insomnia severity index was to assess the level of insomnia among patients with Hemodialysis. Pranayama was given to the patients for 15 mins twice a day, one hour after Hemodialysis for 15 days. The collected data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The results depicts that mean posttest score of fatigue and insomnia were 19.09 (SD + 8.44), 15.17 (SD+ 4.85) and the mean pretest score were 59.38(SD +8.18), 25.55 (SD+ 3.37) respectively. The mean difference was 40.29 and 10.38, respectively. The paired 't' value were 33.77 and 22.8 and ('t' value= 0.0001) respectively, which was significant at P< 0.05. The above findings showed that Pranayama was an effective intervention in reducing fatigue and insomnia among patients with Hemodialysis.


Pranayama Fatigue Insomnia Patients with Hemodialysis

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Bhuvaneswari G, & Deepika S. (2020). Effectiveness of Pranayama on Fatigue and Insomnia among Patients with Hemodialysis. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 171-175.