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Hypertension is a crucial problem in developing countries where there is without treatment; it leads to serious and life-threatening causes. Hypertension is an "iceberg" disease. The current investigation intends to decide the adequacy of the figure of eight on the reduction of blood pressure among hypertensive clients. A Pre experimental one group pretest post-test design was used with (60) hypertensive client who falls into the inclusion criteria was selected by using purposive sampling technique which 30 in the experimental group and 30 in the control group. The demographic data and the structured questionnaires were collected in both the groups followed by that the pretest was conducted on 1st two days and after that, the intensity level of blood pressure in both the groups was assessed by using a sphygmomanometer (systole/diastole) Only in the experimental group the post-test (Level of Blood pressure) was evaluated on the 5th day. The investigation shows that in the pretest of the experimental group, 15(50%) had stage I hypertension, 14(46.67%) had stage II hypertension and 1(3.33%) had prehypertension. Whereas in the post-test, 21(70%) had prehypertension, 8(26.67%) had stage I hypertension and only 1(3.33%) had stage II hypertension. Thus, the study proves that figure of eight walking can be used as an effective nursing intervention for reducing the blood pressure among the hypertensive clients and it is an easily applicable technique and also causes effective method with no side effects.


Figure of eight walkings Hypertension Hypertensive clients

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Priyadarsini A, & Sumani mazumdar. (2020). Effectiveness of Figure of Eight walking on reduction of blood pressure among hypertensive clients. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 167-170.