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Respiratory problems are significant gathering of ailment influencing kids particularly in India and are the significant reasons for youth horribleness and mortality. Specifically, obstructive aviation route illnesses ascend in youngsters because of natural contamination and different causes. In this way, evaluation of aspiratory work test in such kids is significant. Henceforth the current investigation focused on to evaluate the adequacy of strelinikova breathing activity on respiratory signs and boundaries among younger students with respiratory parcel infection. The research configuration utilized was semi exploratory pre-test post-test plan. Purposive examining strategy was utilized to choose the 60 sample. The demographic data was collected by using the structured questionnaire and the oxygen level was measured by using the Pulse Oximeter. The peak flow rate was measured by using the Peak Flow Meter. The findings of the study revealed that there was significant difference in the measurement of oxygen saturation and respiratory rate between the experimental and control group which infers that Strelinikova Breathing Exercise on respiratory signs and parameters administered to the school age children with lower respiratory tract infection in the experimental group was found to be effective in maintaining the respiratory parameters among school age children and the current findings suggests that more extensive studies can be done at different settings and also as comparative studies.


School age children Lower respiratory tract infection Respiratory parameters Strelinikova breathing exercise Pulse rate Peak expiratory flow rate Oxygen saturation and Respiratory rate

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Muthulakshmi C, & Kalpana Devi V. (2020). Effectiveness of Strelinikova Breathing Exercise on Respiratory Signs and Parameters among School Children with Lower Respiratory Tract Infection. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 153-157.