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Osteoarthritis (Acute knee joint pain) is a major health problem in the world. This investigation to assess the impact of lightweight stroking knead with effective sesame oil on torment seriousness of patients with knee joint agony. The main aim to determine the effectiveness of light pressure stroking massage with sesame oil on alleviating acute knee joint pain among elderly adults. (Age, Sex, Religion, Marital status, Educational status, Diet habit, Exercise, Body mass index). A pre-test was conducted to assess the WOMAC scale was managed to evaluate the level of pain. A back rub with sesame oil was applied 3weeks period. A post-test was led to evaluate the adequacy of the intercession. The knee pain level was surveyed by Western Ontario MAC Master Scale. The discoveries were most of the older grown-up individuals 46.7% had moderate pain, 10% had moderate pain, 31.7% had serious pain, 11.6% had extreme pain. After the back rub with sesame oil the knee pain level was diminished to 26.7% had mild pain, 40% had moderate pain, 25% had serious pain, 3% had extreme pain. The finding of the examination uncovered that knead with sesame oil for Knee joint pain was compelling in a huge decrease of the knee joint pain level at the degree of p<0.05 in the trial gathering. Thusly, because of ease, simple use and absence of unfriendly impact, it is proposed to utilize this oil on integral medication for relief from discomfort.


Effectiveness Light Pressure Stroking Massage Sesame Oil Acute Knee Joint Pain

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Bhuvaneshwari G, Anju P, Pavithra S, & Thenmozhi S. (2020). Effectiveness of Light Pressure Stroking Massage with Sesame Oil in Alleviating Acute Knee Joint Pain among Elderly Adults. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 148-152.