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The menstrual cycle is the physiological wonder which is remarkable to females that starts with a high school. Feminine cycle is likewise appropriately called menses (or) all the more regularly a time of the month to month stream. The periods of beginning are from 9 to 16 years and end happens roughly like clockwork and keeps going for around five days feminine stream consists of blood, bodily fluid, and tissue particles. This is a cycle of a lady releasing blood and other material from the coating of the uterus at time spans one lunar month from pubescence until the menopause, besides during pregnancy. A quasi experimental design conducted among 50 people regarding knowledge assessment about menstrual hygiene. Convenient sampling technique was used to select samples. A structured questionnaire was used to collect demographic data and knowledge regarding menstrual hygiene was assessed. Booklet was given to the samples. After an hour, the knowledge was reassessed using the same structured questionnaire. The present study result states that there is a significant increase in the knowledge of the higher secondary school girls regarding menstrual hygiene at p<.05 level. This indicates that booklet teaching is an effective and easy method to improve knowledge among higher secondary school girls regarding menstrual hygiene that helps to improve the practice of menstrual hygiene.


Effectiveness Information Booklet Teaching Programme Knowledge Menstrual Hygiene

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KalaBarathi S, & Akshaya R. (2020). Effectiveness of information booklet regarding knowledge of menstrual hygiene among higher secondary school girls. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 139-142.