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Menstruation is an ordinary physiological marvel for ladies showing her capacity for reproduction. Monthly cycle is an intricate cycle, including the conceptive and endocrine framework. It has to be a regular cycle. Anyway, this ordinary wonder isn't a simple one; it is regularly connected with some level of sufferings and shame. The pain during the menstrual cycle is known as Dysmenorrhea. The present study aims to determine the effectiveness of dietary mint and fenugreek paste for the reduction of dysmenorrhea among adolescent girls. A quantitative experimental research was conducted among 60 adolescent girls. A convenient sampling technique was used to select the samples. Self-administered structured questionnaires were used to collect demographic data, and pain scale was assessed. After the Pretest, an intervention was given to the study participants, i.e. administration of 6 grams of mint fenugreek paste prepared from 2 grams of mint powder, 2 grams of fenugreek powder mix with 2 grams of honey. It was given orally twice a day (i.e. 2 days before and 3 days during the cycle). On 5th day after intervention, post-test was conducted by a numeric pain rating scale. The study results shows mint and fenugreek paste had a significant reduction in the dysmenorrhea, p<0.001. Thereby, this indicates that the mint and fenugreek paste is effective in reducing the pain during menstruation.


Adolescent Girls Mint and Fenugreek Paste Menstruation and Dysmenorrhea

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Dayana B A A, & Sabeetha S. (2020). Effectiveness of Mint and Fenugreek Paste for Reduction of Dysmenorrhea among the Adolescent Girls in Selected Areas. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 126-129.