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Stress is a complex hereditarily decided example of the reaction of the human physiology to a requesting circumstance. The component of observation shows that human pressure reactions reflect contrasts in character, just as contrasts in physical quality or general wellbeing. Pregnancy is a period of incredible changes, and numerous mothers do feel worried eventually. This is common and not in any way surprising as observing a mother need to adapt to the obligations that filled her life before she fell pregnant just as set herself up, mentally and physically for another appearance. The present study aims to assess the stress level among third trimester Primigravida mother. A quantitative descriptive research design was conducted among 60 Primigravida mothers. Convenient sampling technique was used to select samples. A semi-structured interview was used to collect demographic data, and the stress level was assessed using a stress scale. Mothers were explained about the purpose of the study and the psychological changes during pregnancy. The data were collected and analyzed. The study results show that there is a moderate to severe level of stress among the third trimester Primigravida mother. This reveals there is a need for the stress assessment among the Primigravida mother and non-pharmacological practices to reduce stress to improve fetal development and pregnancy outcome.


Assess Primigravida Psychological issues stress

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Linda Xavier, Swathi D, & Udhaya surya T. (2020). Assessment of level of stress among Primigravida mother in a selected Hospital. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 115-118.