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Vasectomy is a lasting technique for contraception for men. It incorporates blocking the two vas-deferens forestalling section of sperm to male urethra. It is likewise called male sterilization and male surgical contraception. This study was to assess the knowledge on male spouse regarding vasectomy because mostly female spouse are much familiar in the family planning process. The present study objective is to survey the information of males about vasectomy and to study the knowledge comparatively between urban and rural male spouse regarding vasectomy. The descriptive cross-sectional research design was used for this study. The study was directed at the urban and rural PHC among male spouse who attending postnatal mothers at Thiruvathipuram Urban primary health centre, Cheyyar block, Thiruvannamalai district and also at Thozhupedu primary health centre, Cheyyar taluk, Thiruvannamalai district. The sample size is comprised of 100 samples. Out of which 50 samples in rural and 50 samples in urban. Comparison of knowledge between married men in an urban and rural area; the mean score of knowledge among married men in the urban area was 74.94±7.09 and the mean score in the rural area was 51.22±12.91.The calculated student independent 't' test value of t = 1.389 was found to be statistically significant at p<0.001 level. This indicates that there was critical contrast in the degree of information about vasectomy among married women in the urban and rural area. This clearly infers that married men in the urban area had more knowledge about vasectomy than the married men in the rural area. This showed that there is a slight difference in knowledge on vasectomy among males at both rural and urban populations. In comparison, the urban population had a high level of knowledge on vasectomy than compared with the rural population. 


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Thamu Priyadharshini N T, & Shivaranjani S. (2020). A comparative study to assess the knowledge about Vasectomy Among male spouses who are accompanying Postnatal Mothers in Urban and Rural PHC. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 81-85.