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After a lady has cautiously accommodated the physiologic adversities of pregnancy and three phases of work, the consideration of essentially everybody regularly goes to the baby. Absence of sufficient uterine withdrawals during the puerperium can repress the cycle of uterine involution leading to many complications. The study aim is to assess the efficacy of oxytocin massage on involution of the uterus in the experimental and control group among postnatal mothers. A quasi-experimental research design was conducted among 60 postnatal mothers who were selected by Convenience sampling technique. Semi-structured interview method was used to collect the demographical data and by measuring the length between the fundus of the uterus and Symphysis Pubis with a measuring tape. Oxytocin massage was given for 15 minutes from 1st- 5th postnatal day. Among 60 samples in the experimental group  the level of involution among postnatal mothers in the experimental group, 6 had good involution, 14 had average involution and 10 had poor involution. In the present study, there was a statistically significant association in Postnatal vaginal bleeding and breastfeeding frequency which had shown statistically significant association with post-test level of involution of the uterus among postnatal mothers in the experimental group at p<0.05 level and the other variables had not shown statistical significance. This reveals that oxytocin massage is highly significant in the experimental group because oxytocin hormone which is secreted by the neurons of the hypothalamus during massage stimulates the contraction of uterine smooth muscle by increasing the sodium permeability of uterine myofibrils. 


Oxytocin Massage Involution of Uterus Postpartum Hemorrhage Postnatal Mothers

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Jagadeeswari J, & Prathap Mohan M. (2020). Efficacy of Oxytocin Massage on Involution of Uterus Among Postnatal Mothers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 56-61.