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As children grow, they learn each day, of how to live tomorrow watching the grace and disgrace that surround them. The utilization of imaginative strategies to treat mental issues and upgrade emotional well-being is known as art treatment. Art treatment is a strategy established in the possibility that inventive articulation can cultivate recuperating and mental prosperity. Craftsmanship, either making it or survey others' specialty, is utilized to assist individuals with investigating feelings, create mindfulness, adapt to pressure, help confidence, and work on social abilities. Postoperative care may be an emotional and developmental set back to the child. It causes anxiety and pain due to imbalance between environmental and societal demands and child's coping abilities. The present study aims to assess the effectiveness of art therapy on anxiety and pain level among postoperative children. A quantitative true experimental research design was conducted among 30 postoperative children by using a simple random sampling technique and 15 were divided in control and experimental group. The demographic data were collected using structured interview questionnaire. The pre-test was done to assess level of anxiety by five facial anxiety scale and pain by numerical pain scale for both the experimental and control group. The experimental group was given art therapy, the control group was given a routine care and then the post test was done. The study results show that the level of pain and anxiety was considerably reduced in the experimental group than the control group in the post test at p<0.005. This indicates SART therapy is effective non-pharmacological method and cost effective method to treat pain and anxiety among postoperative children. The result of the study is it was concluded that art therapy as no side effects and it is an easy and comfortable method which can be practiced to treat pain and anxiety.


Art therapy Pain Anxiety and Postoperative children

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Resmy V, & Raj Kumar N. (2020). Effectiveness of art therapy on pain and anxiety level among postoperative children. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 50-55.