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A mobile phone is a gadget which is utilized for voice and information correspondence. Alongside the fundamental voice limit of a phone, current mobiles may support various additional features, for instance, text advising, email, gaming, camera, Whatsapp, Facebook, GPS and so on. The neck or cervical spine is a system which involves nerves, bones, joints, and muscles which are coordinated by the brain and the spinal cord. Besides, exacerbation along the nerve pathways can cause torment into the shoulder, arm and hand. "Text neck" is the term used to depict the neck torment and harm bolstered from looking down at the cell phone, tablets or distinctive far off gadgets too constantly and for actually quite a while. So the current examination points are to survey the effectiveness of tech neck exercise among adult smartphone user with text neck syndrome. Quantitative experimental research was conducted among 60 adults. A convenient sampling technique was used to select the samples. Self-structured questionnaires were used to collect the demographic data and pain scale was assessed. The result of the study shows that among 60 samples, it was concluded that "TECH NECK" exercise has no side effects and it is an easy and comfortable method which can be practised for a long time to adult within text neck syndrome.


Tech Neck exercise Text neck syndrome Mobile users and Neck Pain

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Resmy V, & Priyanka R. (2020). Effectiveness of Tech Neck Exercise among adult smartphone user with Text Neck Syndrome. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 21-24.