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Cancer cells display uncontrolled growth invasion and sometimes metastatic spread to other location in the body  via lymph nodes or blood. Cancer affects people are mostly in elder ages peoples with risk for most type increasing with age cancer caused about 13% of all human death 2008(7.6million). While improved the cancer patients first important for administer the chemotherapy.  But they may cause many of side effects in main side effects is “EXTRAVASATION in” extravasations is infiltration or leakage of intravenous chemotherapeutic agents. It mostly affected in extremities, into the local tissue surrounding the administration site may result of local tissue damage or extravasations. Drugs that is associated with severe necroes is when extravasations are known as vesicants. Whereas those associated with less severe burning or  inflammation are known as irritation. The aim of the present study was conducted to assess the effect of saline washout technique in the management of chemotherapy extravasation among  cancer patients. A pre-experimental design was chosen to assess the effectiveness of saline washout technique on chemotherapy extravasations. The present was conducted at SMCH with 100 male and female who come under inclusion criteria and they were selected by non-probability convenience sampling technique. The demographical variables was collected by using Semi-structured questionnaire and extravasations was assessed by INS (Infusion nurses society) infiltration and extravasation scale. The result revealed the pretest results show that 30% had mild stage, 31%  had moderate stage, 24% had severe stage and  15% had very severe stage on chemotherapy  extravasation among cancer patients. The post-test data revealed that 35% had normal stage, 24%hadmildstage,21%hadmoderatestage,  14% had severe stage and 6% had very severe stage on chemotherapy extravasation among cancer patients.  The result revealed that saline washout technique was more effective in the management of chemotherapy extravasation among cancer patients.


Effectiveness Saline Washout Technique Chemotherapy Extravasations Cancer Patients

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Parimala L, & Nivitha W. (2020). Effectiveness of Saline Washout Technique in the Management of Chemotherapy Extravasations Among Cancer Patients. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 16-20.