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Pregnancy is a curious rousing and as frequently as possible upbeat hour in a woman's life, as spots of interest the woman's bewildering innovative and headway capacity while allowing a relationship with what's to come. There is a wide range of techniques for labour. Vaginal delivery is one of the most widely recognized and most secure sorts of labour. At the point when vital in specific conditions, forceps and vacuum delivery might be utilized. Now cesarean delivery is fundamental for the most secure of mother and child. The cesarean segment is the most every now and again performed a medical procedure on the planet. The point of the Study is to the adequacy of Hand and Foot Massage on Post cesarean pain among postnatal moms. Exploration approach utilized for the investigation was the quantitative methodology. The examination configuration was semi trial plan (pretest and post test control group). A complete of 60 members were choosing with non - likelihood purposive inspecting procedure was utilized and factual strategy applied for the investigation. The investigation was directed in a government hospital at Thiruvallur. The mean pre-test score in the exploratory gathering was 6.4 and meant the post-test score was 3.5. The 't' esteem is 33.72, which was huge at p≤0.05 level. Subsequently, it demonstrated that Hand and Foot Massage was viable in diminishing pain among post-cesarean moms in the experimental group. 


Foot massage hand massage post caesarean pain and postnatal mothers

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Beautily V, & Sharmila R. (2020). Adequacy of Hand and Foot Massage on Post Cesarean Pain among Postnatal Mothers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 12-15.